A world where poverty is not a barrier to a meaningful career.

Velocity students make and act upon a future-oriented commitment to academic, professional, and personal growth

Our Mission

Velocity Career Start prepares college students from underserved communities for long-term, meaningful careers in projected growth occupations through a superior program of career training that aligns academic advising, critical thinking, and career exposure and planning. The Velocity Operating Model is a comprehensive approach to career readiness built around four mutually reinforcing programming streams.

Academic Support

To ensure HCZ college students graduate successfully at or above the minimum entry requirements of their chosen careers.

Professional Training and Development

To build superior job skills and behaviors that match individual career choices with workforce needs and
give our students a differentiating advantage in the job market.

Employment Support

To establish robust employer partnerships where our students gain meaningful and relevant experience in their fields of interest and at least (TBD)% receive job offers at the end of their junior-year internship.

Project Learning & Community Programs

To maximize learning and the benefits of the initiative to the full Harlem community by creating project-based learning modules that also help to address critical community issues and needs.

By the time Velocity students complete the full programming calendar, they will be ready for career placement.

They will be prepared to return to the organization that hosted their Junior internship or with other employers offering promising opportunities in their fields of interest. Velocity students will be differentiated in the job market across a range of criteria.

We’re committed to the future.


We can provide young people with a best-in-class suite of academic support, professional training and development, and access to meaningful internships and careers, including those that return knowledge and skills to underresourced communities…


…our graduates will be highly competitive with
other applicants, excel in their professions once
hired, achieve long-term social and economic mobility, and help instill the same differentiating skills in future generations of underserved students.

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