Coaching and Consulting


Business is a hive of activity. You are inundated with ideas, thoughts and plans, but who has time to figure out the logistics? How many, how much, who do you need and how do they all get implemented? How do you identify the potential problems and risks and elevate the plan to eliminate them?

I come into your corporation, your business, your department and identify what your goal is, what has stopped you from achieving it, and work with you and your team to create the plan that will get you where you want to go. We then work with you during the implementation process to achieve your results. Whether you are working on internal problems, identifying the long term economic costs or building forward, an outside perspective is critical. We provide a breath of fresh air to motivate you and your team to build from ideas to details to done.

Corporate Training

 Networking, Sales and Communication are vital elements in business, and the three main pillars of building relationships. Relationships are the foundation of all great business, from your sales force and your internal circle to who you can pick up the phone and call when you need “anything” as an executive.  With 25 years ofexperience in building relationships that have personally resulted in millions in sales, I support leaders and teams in the training of the components that result in relationships that have lifetime value.


My very first coach was my dance teacher. Like many other high-level professionals and executives who learned the value of a great coach early on, I give her credit for an important piece of who I have become as a leader. Coaching in business is the opportunity to continue to bring out the best leader in you.  As a CEO, C-Suite executive, or entrepreneur building your own business, you want someone on your side of the court to see the view from the outside; a fresh perspective with an unbiased eye. This is where Slater Success comes in. We work with leaders who don’t stand for average, leaders who value high-level results, and leaders who often stand alone in the overwhelm of decision making.