Ivy Slater is the perfect speaker when you want to:


Learn to build relationships that will grow your business for a lifetime


Build great leaders


Motivate yourself and/or your team


Align your sales team with your vision


Increase your team’s ability to communicate with clients and each other


Grow your book of business

The following presentations can be customized to meet your timeframe, event type and target audience:

Using Relationship-Based Sales to Align Your Team and Land Clients for Life

Focusing on making a sale, meeting a quota, earning $100, $1,000 or even $10,000 means we are selling ourselves short. When we focus on building relationships, we create the ability to earn millions of dollars – in not just one sale, but in ongoing sales. Relationships are thefoundation that supports continued growth for you and your organization.

Ivy has spent the last 25 years building relationships that have enabled her to build 6 and 7 figure businesses while raising two children in New York City. Quality relationships transcend brands, careers, and business, and will lead you to a life filled with success.  

 This talk delves into Ivy’s own experience and gives actionable steps to take in your business.

Millions in sales is not a pipe dream. It’s amazingly simple – IF you do the work and take the actions to support the goal.

5 Powerful Sales Strategies that Will Deliver Your Ideal Client to Your Doorstep

Every woman knows it’s critical to have at least one little black dress in her closet. And most men have a power suit – the one they know looks good and speaks to their success. These go-to items are always ready, and they work perfectly every time. But nobody learns what fits by looking at it on the rack. You have to get out there, try it on, make alterations when necessary, and determine what the best fit is for you. It works exactly the same way in sales.

Selling is not something you do on a whim or without a plan.

Sales is about having consistent systems and strategies in place to build longstanding relationships that result in a powerful and reliable book of business.

Being a successful sales person is all about being prepared, active, and always out there. If your business had a little black dress or a power suit, it would be systems, strategies and a plan to build your network in style.

Today I Can: Breaking Through the Roadblocks to Success in Business and Life

Taking risks scares you. Making a change scares you. Being open, honest and vulnerable scares you. GOOD!

Now, forget about all of that and live by these words: TODAY I CAN…

I ask my clients every day, “What can you do TODAY?” When you are stagnant, it’s dangerous.

In business as in life, if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

Staying in indecision is a killer. It stops your motivation, momentum and growth. And getting into a pattern of indecision spells disaster. In this talk, I’ll show you how to figure out what you

CAN do, and how every CAN eventually turns into a PLAN, an ACTION, and a LIFE.

A GOAL is a Just a Four-Letter Word Without a Plan of Action

A GOAL is a great destination for gaining wealth, building a career, losing weight, owning a home, or taking a vacation.  And GOAL is just a word. If it’s not supported by structure, habits and commitment, it remains just a word.

The challenge lies in how you get from the idea or the desire to achieving the GOAL. Learn to create actionable and achievable steps to live and work in a world of success. Baby steps make a big difference – writing one email, making one sales call, meeting one connection. I will show you how to turn those baby steps into a system of actions that will continue to take you to the next level over and over.  

In this talk, we’ll explore the power of taking consistent action and creating business plans to support your goals. Want to increase your revenue by 20% this year? You can do that. What does it look like? How many more clients do you need? Do you need to hire help?

Let me help you define your goal and understand how to reach it, then we’ll create your next steps to achieve that goal.

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