I hired Slater Success in 2015 to help restructure my company, Seriatim. We were profitable, but I knew we were not reaching our full growth potential. Due to some changes in my personal life, my overhead and financial responsibilities suddenly doubled, and the status quo was no longer an option. Not long after that, I lost my right hand and some other key team members to their own career and life changes. I knew the time and the opportunity to rebuild had come. The Slater Success team assessed my financial structure, my teams, and guided me to make some aggressive changes, including a specific marketing campaign that resulted in a more than
300% increase in profitability. We brought on a CFO, restructured the organization, including repositioning the office team for maximum efficiency. We now have a 5-year growth plan that includes expansion into new divisions. There were always thoughts, ideas and strategies floating in my head, but I got bogged down in the day-to- day operations. Bringing in Slater Success has put – and is keeping — Seriatim on a rigorous and exciting growth path.

Revamp Interior Design

In September 2013, we had just completed a million-dollar renovation that netted us the cover and a 10-page spread in Interior Design Magazine. We looked like the picture of success – until you looked at our books. We had acquired debt, were pretty much out of business, and were thinking about closing our doors, which seemed inevitable, since we were both pregnant. We brought in Slater Success to see if our business could be salvaged, and Ivy worked with us to develop a plan of action that would keep our doors open and create order in our company. As we mastered that, the Slater Success team helped us build our future. Today, our debt is paid off, we’ve tripled our team, and expanded our office space. We have financial systems for overhead, savings, taxes – you name it. With the help of Slater Success, we have achieved rapid growth, and have a waiting list of clients. We are redesigning a celebrity estate, creating a concept look for a franchise system, and enjoying working with clients all over the U.S., including Hawaii.

Fresh Eyes Editorial

I was a freelance ghost writer and editor with a 6-figure book deal when I started working with Slater Success. I was on the right path, picking up celebrity clients, but I knew I needed some guidance to build the company in my vision. The Slater Success team has helped me put the systems and structures in place to create a
company that aligns with who I am as a person. I am now the CEO of my own boutique publishing company, Fresh Eyes Editorial. I specialize in creating books for educators and entrepreneurs, and have worked on more than 30 books, including ghostwriting for some pretty famous faces. The best thing about working with Ivy is having unconditional support, a consistent focus on the financial growth and the steps to achieve it. Finding your way as an entrepreneur can be HARD, and I’m incredibly blessed to have Ivy and Slater Success as partners in my journey.

Price Turner CFOs

I started my business after being laid off twice in 12 months. I had spent 30 years in corporate America, and I had no idea what entrepreneurship entailed. I also had no idea of the value I could bring to other business owners. What began as a bill paying service for senior citizens soon morphed into a bookkeeping business. When I hired Ivy, she helped me realize I had so much more to offer. SSC helped me understand the value of a team, and the importance of putting the right people in place at the right time to grow my business. Ivy has helped me create the strategies that best utilize my team for my clients, and for the life I want to live. Cash flow works differently for entrepreneurs than it does in corporate, and I now know how to set my prices appropriately and specifically for each client.

I have gone from having 2 clients to 55, and my revenue has increased 1000 percent –literally.

Ivy helped me see what was possible. She showed me that I could expand my company and help other business owners grow their businesses. I love showing other business owners what they can do when their money is in order. When I left corporate America, I had no idea how to sell. It just wasn’t part of my skillset. When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s all sales, and my vision of sales was the used car salesman stereotype. She showed me that sales calls are really connection calls, and that sales and networking are just part of building relationships. I don’t know anyone else who does what Ivy Slater does for her clients. Working with Ivy and the SSC Team gave me a safety net of support until I hit my stride, and they continue to guide my company, Price Turner CFOs, through every phase of growth and expansion.